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Amusement is our product. Inclusiveness is our passion.

Our Story

The idea behind Benji Ball began while at the beach in York, Maine back in August of 2015. When there were two young kids struggling to play the game of baseball, the idea that there has to be a better way to play when you are limited to just two people came to mind. Ideas started to be tossed around until there was one that sounded like a home run. What if we could limit the amount of movement, experience, and physical capability necessary to play a traditional game of baseball? This would allow for all, the ability to enjoy the game everyone loves. The idea was put on the back burner for awhile and then revisited back in January of 2018. After designs were finalized, the first prototype was built. This snowballed into more designs and more prototypes and now, a patent pending product. 

When discussing the potential consumers of Benji Ball, there were far more than initially expected. With the idea that anyone can play, no matter experience or physical ability we began discussions with numerous markets including but not limited to; youth baseball leagues, special needs programs, and backyard and beach game consumers to see how Benji Ball could be incorporated. When we found a true need and desire for a product like this, we began talks with manufacturers. Our focus was on raising capital to be able to further the idea. We entered numerous pitch competitions held at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Benji Ball was awarded the first place prize in each of the three competitions. The funds raised now will allow us to enter into the manufacturing stage and begin selling our product soon.

Thank you for your interest and desire to hear more about our story.


Benjamin McEvoy

Founder & CEO