Introduction to The At Bats Newsletter

Introduction to The At Bats Newsletter

Weekly Wisdom

If you are reading this, my name is Benjamin McEvoy, and I am the founder and CEO of Benji Ball. I wanted to quickly say thank you for checking out my At Bats Newsletter. I'm going to make this a weekly thing and I am going to make sure that each week, you come away from reading it with a new piece of knowledge. While my business is still so young and still in the very early stages, I have learned a ton throughout the process of turning it from an idea into a fully operating company. There is so much that I wish I knew when I started out whether that be relating to manufacturing, marketing, networking, or a multitude of other things. Fortunately, throughout the time I have been working on Benji Ball, I have been able to learn a lot of this as well as make many mistakes which have in turn taught me how to make sure I never make them again. I follow many newsletters from founders of different companies, all of which are doing tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue a year. While their information is extremely valuable, it is sometimes not relatable so that is why I wanted to start my newsletter now. I can share everything I am going through and learning while I am at this extremely early stage of the business and then you can follow the growth right alongside me.

Think of me as a resource. Think of me as the trial and error that you now won't have to deal with when starting from scratch on something new. I am here to provide you with the things I have learned so that you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. This isn't just for an aspiring entrepreneur. This is for anyone whether you're a teacher, a construction worker, an IT specialist, a doctor, or anything else. My goal is that each week you will learn something new that you can apply to whatever industry it is that you are in. If at any point you don't feel like you are getting any value from it, just respond to the email and let me know what you would like to see me write about or ask me any questions you may have. I'm more than happy to do my best to answer them.

I wanted this first newsletter to just be an intro into what I am going to be talking about. Each one will be fairly short, something you can read while having your morning coffee or your afternoon lunch. Not only is this newsletter going to be written by me, but each week I am also going to have a different founder friend of mine provide a quote/piece of advice relating to the topic of that week (each of these friends are dominating their respective industries and are people that you absolutely should check out).

So, while this first email was just an intro, be on the lookout for the first true newsletter coming next Thursday. In the meantime, go dominate the rest of this week and do something today that will push you just 1% closer to your goals.

If you'd like to hear me discuss how I am growing Benji Ball in a more in depth way, connect with me here on LinkedIn where I share a lot of behind the scenes tactics and analytics as well! This is also one of the best ways to message and get in touch with me.

I will be sending exclusive emails and offers to only those who are subscribed directly to this newsletter. If you would like that to be you, subscribe here.

Thank you for reading!

I appreciate you for taking the time. See you next week with the first official newsletter!

All the best,

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