Rule Book

Rules and Gameplay

General Rules:

  • 3 inning game
  • 3 outs per inning
  • There is no minimum/maximum number of players per team


  • Player can catch the ball
  • The ball lands on "OUT"
  • The ball lands on "STRIKE" three times when hit
  • Two outs are assessed when the ball lands on "DOUBLE PLAY"
  • Stopping the ball before it passes the pitcher and before it stops moving


  • If the ball lands and stops rolling without being caught or thrown to a base, the face-up side of the ball determines the outcome of the at-bat
  • Walks are only determined by landing on "BALL" four times or by landing on "WALK"
  • Ghost runners or imaginary players can be used if you do not have enough players to fill the bases. Should the ghost runner go around all bases, one run will be assessed to the team at-bat

Sides of the Ball:

  • OUT
  • BALL
  • WALK

Landing on the Benji Ball Side:

At the beginning of each game, the two teams will decide what happens if the ball lands on one of the two sides labeled "BENJI BALL." This side is a wildcard side. 

Examples of outcomes you could do: 

  • +1 Run
  • -1 Run
  • Extra man on base
  • End of Inning
  • 1 Out

Ideas submitted by customers:

  • Grady N. "If it lands on Benji Ball, me and my brother would roll the ball again and whatever that landed on would be the outcome. If it lands on Benji Ball after rolling it, that would be called a Double Benji Ball which we made an automatic end of inning."

Where to play:

  • Backyard on grass
  • At the beach
  • Your local park
  • Gymnasium
  • *not recommended to play on pavement or gravel as it may cause damage to the bat and ball*
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